Modular Process Systems

Modular Process Systems


Modular Process Systems - H+M Industrial EPC


Accelerate your project schedule with H+M

Capitalize on our design/build approach by relying on H+M for your modular process system design and fabrication. Contact us to learn more about how we maximize the speed of delivery and minimize downtime by simultaneously fabricating your process systems off-site and prepping your facility on-site. 

H+M is experienced in modular process systems and from specifications to design to the building of these systems, all of the work is completed in-house by our engineers and fabrication shop. 

Benefits of Modular Process Systems

- Reduces design cycle time and drawing error
- Ensures the proper layout for the process
- Provides equipment specifications 
- Cuts field labor costs by fabricating systems off-site
- Ensures quality control
- Reduces potential facility downtime
- Reduces on-site start-up time: systems are fully assembled and tested before being shipped 

Contact us today for more information or questions about Modular Process Systems. 

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